Winged dragon, a symbol of vision and renewal

Winged dragon, a symbol of vision and renewal

Fees and Insurance: My membership on managed care panels is limited, but most health insurance policies have out-of-network benefits that will provide reimbursement. My standard fee for individual and couples psychotherapy is $140 per hour. Fees are due at the beginning of each session. I provide monthly receipts for insurance reimbursement upon request. For insurance to reimburse, a diagnosis will likely be required. This is something to be discussed, so that we can weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using your insurance.

Confidentiality: Your therapy is confidential. Under the law, confidentiality is not absolute. Exceptions include: 1) mandated reporting of suspected child or elder abuse;
2) reporting imminent danger to you or others; 3) reporting information required by a court of law; 4) providing information required by your insurance company; 5) in defending a claim brought by you. Should any of these exceptions arise, I will do all I can to protect your confidentiality. I answer my own phone calls and schedule my appointments. No one else will be involved with your therapy, although I might on occasion consult with other therapists regarding treatment concerns. If this occurs, all identifying client information is kept confidential. I will not send information or speak with an insurer or other third parties without your knowledge and consent.

Cancellations: I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Clients are responsible for the fee if 24-hours notice of cancellation has not been given.

Licensure: I am a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Oregon. My Oregon license number is #2999. As a licensee, I will abide by all relevant state statues, rules, and ethical codes. You may contact the Oregon State Board of Clinical Social Workers with questions: (503) 378-5735.

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